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Modern technology, regular training and an eye on current developments in dentistry research are just a few of the things we focus on to ensure your teeth get expert treatment. Our relaxed atmosphere and friendly service go hand in hand - naturally.  From simple Preventative Care to Cosmetic and Reconstructive Dentistry, we want to care for you.


Below are some of the services we glady provide our patients.


As a courtesy to our patients a blood pressure reading, to screen for hypertension, is provided at each restorative appointment. Over the years, we have made numerous people aware of undiagnosed blood pressure problems that required, in some cases, immediate treatment by a physician or hospitalization.

1. Regular Dental Checkups – At our office we believe that prevention is the foundation to good dental health. Dr. Miolen and our hygienists will examine you for oral cancer, dental decay and periodontal disease.


We will evaluate your occlusion (bite) and check for TMJ dysfunctions..

It is our goal to provide you the best diagnostic and preventative appointment possible and that your visit to our office will be a wonderful experience.


2. Digital X-Rays – If you worry about radiation, you will love digital x-rays. Digital x-rays reduce the amount of radiation by up to 80%.


These radiographs also provide the dentist with a larger view of the x-ray, as opposed to older, smaller films. This is a tremendous asset in diagnosing any dental pathologies that may be present.


3. Fluoride Treatments – Fluoride treatments are a very important aid in the battle against tooth decay. We recommend, in office, fluoride treatments every six months for children.


Adults can also benefit from fluoride treatments if they are experiencing sensitivity or increased decay with their teeth. We also provide, prescription level, take home fluoride treatments.


4. Oral Cancer Screening – In addition to our traditional oral cancer exam (look & feel) we also make available to our patients Identafi.


Identafi utilizes technology that can assist us in the early detection of oral abnormalities on the cellular level, including pre-malignant lesions and oral cancer. Early detection of these abnormalities can save lives.


5. Periodontal Services – When someone has been diagnosed with periodontal disease (gum disease) treatment should be initiated as soon as possible. Our highly trained hygienists will use her skills, the latest equipment and medicine to treat the disease.


Periodontal disease can not be cured, but with treatment, education and good home care it can be controlled. Our goal is to accomplish this with a Non-Surgical approach if possible.


6. Composite Fillings (Tooth Colored Fillings) – For years you had no choice of the color of your fillings. Now we can provide you with a more natural tooth colored filling. These tooth colored fillings are not only great for appearance, but they also enables us to remove less of your natural tooth structure. Because these fillings bond directly to the tooth they provide a better seal. Composite fillings also contain fluoride which is released, providing better protection against further decay. We look forward to providing you with beautiful smiles; no more silver when you smile.


7. Bridges – Crowns by themselves, or in conjunction with a bridge, are used in dentistry for many different reasons. One of the major reasons for a crown is to strengthen weakened and damaged teeth. Broken or cracked teeth, teeth with large worn fillings and teeth that have had root canal therapy are some of the main reasons crowns would be indicated. They can also be used to change someone’s smile by changing the size, shape, color and or position of the teeth.


8. Dentures & Partials – In unfortunate situations when someone must loose some or all of their teeth, immediate dentures or partial dentures can be used to replace the missing tooth/teeth. The teeth are removed and the denture or partial denture is placed the same day. This is called an immediate insertion denture or partial and it keeps the patient from going without their teeth.


9. Endodontic Therapy (Root Canal Treatment) – Root canal therapy is used to treat abscessed teeth. When a tooth becomes infected, root canal therapy is the only procedure that can be attempted to save an otherwise hopeless tooth. A successful root canal allows the patient to avoid removal of the tooth.


10. Night Guards – Through daily stresses of our live we abuse our teeth by clinching and grinding them together. This can lead to broken and cracked teeth as well as muscle tenderness, headaches, and TMJ problems. Night guards aid in protecting the teeth from continuous trauma. These guards are custom fit for your comfort and can be worn at night or during your most stressful times of the day.


11. Sealants – Sealants are a very affordable and economical way to help prevent tooth decay. With this painless procedure, a thin clear or tooth colored coating is painted on the chewing surface of the back teeth. Because the material flows into the deep grooves of the teeth, this prevents bacteria from being trapped within the grooves thus helping to prevent decay.


12. Extractions and Bone Grafts – Dental extractions (removal of a tooth) are performed when a tooth has become a hopeless situation. When a tooth is lost one needs to consider replacing the missing tooth with an implant, bridge or partial denture. This prevents the movement of the adjacent teeth, which can create other dental problems.


13. Tooth Whitening – In our office we choose to use a take home whitening technique. This supplies you with a long lasting custom fit tray and whitening gel. One of the advantages of this technique is it lets you control the progression of your whitening process. People vary, but results are usually noticeable after just a few several applications. Upon completion of your whitening process, with the take home method, it is easy and relatively inexpensive to maintain your desired shade.


14. Same Day Porcelain Crowns – When your teeth begin to breakdown and large fillings are failing a crown (cap) may be a great option to protect your natural tooth structure. If old metal crowns or porcelain fused to metal crowns have lost their esthetic appeal, a new non-metal porcelain crown could be a perfect alternative to enhance your smile.


Crowns can also change the appearance of your smile when problems such as crowding, spacing, rotations, fractures or congenital defects exists.  Dr. Miolen has the technology in the office to digitally build your crown the same day.  The crown is made by a computer while you wait, thus eliminating the second appointment and the temporary crown.


15. All Porcelain Veneers – If you would like to change the color, shape, or size of your teeth veneers might be the solution to achieve a more attractive smile. In some cases, veneers can be an alternative to crowns (caps) or orthodontic treatment.


16. Bonding – If you are looking for a more inexpensive option to change the shape or size of your teeth, and supply a space-free attractive smile, bonding might be what you are looking for. Bonding can also be an option in areas where stain or discoloration of the teeth are resistant to the whitening procedure. Although bonding is not as durable as crowns or veneers, with good home care they can last for years.


17. Dental Implants – Through the progression of dental technology we can now provide an alternative to missing teeth, bridges, partials and dentures. With the use of dental implants, we can replace missing teeth with an option that looks and performs like your natural teeth.


Implants can also provide a way to secure dentures so they are more comfortable and perform more naturally.



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